Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Prince Edward Island

It's been a long time since I posted - quick note to say I am in P.E.I. for the next couple of days, and have just driven from St. John, New Brunswick.

On a shoot with Red Apple ( ). The show is called "Opening Soon", and we are shooting the first day on two episodes. The director on the two episodes is Rina Barone.

The first one covered a German couple opening a restaurant in St. John called "Opera". Alex and Margaret run an incredible inn / dining room called the Dufferin Inn ( ), where the food and service is truly first class.

Tomorrow we shoot day one on a restaurant opening called the Day Boat ( ), to be run and managed by Gordon Bailey, a young entrepeneur here in P.E.I., originally from Winnipeg.

I have no pictures to post right now, but hopefully tomorrow. I am staying at a hotel called the Great George Inn, which has wireless high speed and enables me to post with ease without worrying about charges by the minute.

Quick mention: it has been surprising to see how many hotels and cafés have high speed as part of their free service here on the east coast. This is a good trend!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Final Seat allocation

The final seat allocation has been posted by the IECI

This can be found here , click on POLLING RESULTS, then the "Seat Allocation' tag.

This will download a PDF file of all the seat allocations, provincial and national. The results are in Arabic and English. But a knowledge of Arabic numbers will decipher what's going on, since the parties are listed by name and number in Arabic, while the seat allocation is listed in English, as well as the total number of votes.

As is already known, the Iraqi Alliance won the most seats, with 140. this is followed by the Kurdish Alliance (75 seats), then Allawi's party, the Iraqi National Accord (40 seats).

After this, the next largest number of seats won by a coalition or party is The Iraqi (Iraqiyoon, #255), with 5 seats.

The Turkomen Iraqi front ( #175 ) received 3 seats .

The National Independent & Elites Cadre party ( #352 ) received 3 seats

The United People's party (formerly the communist party, #324 ) received 2 seats.

And on .

Monday, February 14, 2005

Results of the National Election

This will be confirmed by the electoral commission by Wednesday the 16th.


Party name / Party number # / Votes won / Seats won

The Islamic Labor Movement in Iraq -#111- 43,205 = 2 seats

The Kurdistan Alliance -#130 - 217,5551 = 75 seats

The United Iraqi Alliance -#169- 4,075,295 = 140 seats

The Turkomen Iraqi Front -#175- 93,480 = 3 seats

National Rafidain List (Assyrian Christians)-#204- 36,255 = 1 seat

Iraqis -#255- 150,680 = 5 seats

The National Democratic Alliance -#258- 36,795 = 1 seat

The Islamic Kurdish Society -#283- 60,592 = 2 seats

The Iraqi List -#285- 1,168,943 = 40 seats

The Reconciliation and Liberation Entity -#311- 30,796 = 1 seat

The Communist Party -#324- 69,920 = 2 seats

National Independent Elites & Cadres Party -#352- 69,938 = 3 seats

 TOTAL - 8,011,450 = 275 seats

Basic Explanation


Seat allocations for Iraq's 275-member National Assembly are calculated as follows:

The total number of valid votes cast (8,456,266) is divided by 275 to give an initial quota of 30,750.
Any list which has less votes than the initial quota is excluded. All those that have as many votes of more than the initial quota are filtered out.
A new total votes is calculated based on the total number of votes cast to the filtered out lists (8,011,450).
A seat quota is then calculated by dividing the new total by 275, which is 29,132.55.
The number of votes a filtered party received is divided by the seat quota to give the total number of seats. Remainders are dealt with by giving an extra seat to each list in order of highest remainder until all 275 seats are allocated. " 

I've just done a basic check against the actual numbers from the Iraq OCV website, which can be found here, and the numbers seem correct.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


My apologies for not posting anything in a while.

Now that the elections are over, I'll be posting when the final results are out.

The focus of this blog will shift specifically to which parties gained seats, what role they will play in the government, and how the government will be formed.

I will soon post the timeline for what happens next, i.e., the legislative process, the constitutional framework, etc.

Comments and opinions will be sparse (I'll leave that for the other blogs out there), since I find it more important to stick to facts and solid information.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

صوت العراق Info on elections

صوت العراق

The community board is very informative. One posting states "Why I am voting for Al Umma Democratic Party". There are also little adverts from party members of the various coalitions, etc.

Thoughtful and concise. :-)

Monday, January 24, 2005

Iraqi Communist Party / Nation Union #324 الطريق : موقع الحزب الشيوعي العراقي

iraqi communist partyالطريق : موقع الحزب الشيوعي

The ICP (Iraqi Communist Party) is part of a coalition called Itihad al-Sha'ab, quite literally, "people's union", but in the list of contestants it is called "Nation Union"

This site was pointed out to me by the community board (thanks nor!). They have a mixed bag of people represented on their ticket : Shi'as, Sunnis, Kurds, etc.

It should also be pointed out that calling the ICP 'communist' is inaccurate. They're more like Social Democrats in their thinking, but have retained the name, I suppose, because of the legacy of the party (oldest political party in the Arab world).

وطني #201


This is the website for the Wattani party, listed in English as Homeland Gathering.

There is a little bit on the party's mandate, but not much more than the usual rhetoric. I will contact them and see if I can get a candidates' list, platform, etc.

Green Party of Iraq, #124

green party of iraq

Those who are familiar with green parties in their respective countries (particularly Canada) will know, more or less what they stand for. If not, following the link above will tell you more. The links are on the right ("who we are", "contact us", etc.)

Apparently they are running under coalition #124, the Islamic Democratic Movement.

Who to vote for if you were Chaldo Assyrian

Zinda 21 January 2005

Fred Aprim from California gives a well rounded out argument for why Assyrians should vote for one of 3 parties:

204 : Al Rafideen National List

148 : Al Rafideen Democratic Coalition

139 : Assyrian National Gathering

"Consider voting for these three slates only: 204, 148, or 139. Do not vote for the Kurdistan list or other lists simply because there are ChaldoAssyrians on them. You have to compute how many candidates on each list have the chance to win and see on what slot is your candidate and go from there. Again, if the Kurds receive 40 or 50 seats in the Iraqi Parliament, the remaining candidates on their list, even if 1000 and all ChaldoAssyrians, will mean nothing because they will be out."