Monday, January 17, 2005

Important websites

For a pretty definitive look at who the different parties are (with links), as well as links to the parties themselves, IEDs is good.

(note: MEMRI, which is referenced quite a bit on IEDs, is a right wing site that poses to be neutral - surfer beware!)

For the most authoritative look at what's happening in Iraq today, Juan Cole's website is excellent.

A very well researched website that posts articles on the web on the subject of Iraq - War in Context

Most importantly, for Iraqis outside of Iraq wishing to vote, you'll want to be looking at the OCV website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site, Duraid.

A favorite Iraqi blog of mine for a much more personal perspective is

He doesn't post often but it really gives you a sense of the day to day life in Baghdad.

PS-Thanks for sharing this site on the CML.


6:11 a.m.  

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