Thursday, February 17, 2005

Final Seat allocation

The final seat allocation has been posted by the IECI

This can be found here , click on POLLING RESULTS, then the "Seat Allocation' tag.

This will download a PDF file of all the seat allocations, provincial and national. The results are in Arabic and English. But a knowledge of Arabic numbers will decipher what's going on, since the parties are listed by name and number in Arabic, while the seat allocation is listed in English, as well as the total number of votes.

As is already known, the Iraqi Alliance won the most seats, with 140. this is followed by the Kurdish Alliance (75 seats), then Allawi's party, the Iraqi National Accord (40 seats).

After this, the next largest number of seats won by a coalition or party is The Iraqi (Iraqiyoon, #255), with 5 seats.

The Turkomen Iraqi front ( #175 ) received 3 seats .

The National Independent & Elites Cadre party ( #352 ) received 3 seats

The United People's party (formerly the communist party, #324 ) received 2 seats.

And on .


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